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What Are Two Tiered Affiliates?

2 Tiered Affiliate Programs... what are they? Let's start with affiliate programs first.  Just in case you have never heard of them, affiliate programs are website links that make can you money.  Sounds like a winner huh? 

Affiliate Programs?

Here is the bottom line... online merchants need sales.  In order to get those sales, they need traffic.  Your website has traffic.  So they offer you a "cut".   All affiliate programs work a bit differently but all of them track the traffic to merchant sites and pay you accordingly.  Once there is a sale, lead, or even just a visit, then the referring site credits you for the referral.  This cut can be a  percentage of the sale, a flat fee, pay per click, pay per lead, or simply a credit (or even a gift like a FREE lap top).

If a web surfer uses an affiliate link on your site, then you make money.   What is so good about this is no customer service or risk is involved.  You simply send traffic over to the merchant's site.  You can't get much easier than that.   

How Do I Link?

Most affiliate programs make it very easy to link to the merchant site by providing the banners, html, information and other things to incorporate into your site.  All you have to do is get all this into your site ready to show your viewers.  As you may have guessed by now, you want to incorporate affiliate links that are related to your website.  If you have a site about collectible cars, you would not want to add an affiliate link to a lingerie store (...I don't know about that one.. You may do very well.... He-He! ;-)  Generally speaking, you would want to add affiliate links to your topic at hand.  In this example, you would link to car parts and tools, car auctions, or any other site related to cars. 


2 Tiered affiliates are affiliate programs on steroids.  In other words, you get a lot more out of each affiliate you link to.  Instead of getting a strait "cut", you are getting a "cut" PLUS the ability to make money in recruiting others.   A flat referral fee is good but if the program offers a continuous commission on the sales of your "sub-affiliates", then you have a gold mine. 

The gold mine is the fact that you now have the ability to MULTIPLY your efforts.  Remember J. Paul Getty? He was, at one time, the richest man in the world. He said...
"Id rather have 100 people, each doing 1% of the work, than 1 person doing 100% of the work."

Apply this principle to your affiliate advertising and youll be amazed at the results.  

What happens is this.  As you refer new websites to become your sub-affiliates then your income has the potential to multiply.  For example...

Let say that you earn 10% on an affiliate program and the 2 tiered subagents can earn you 5% per sale.  In one month you send enough customers for $500 in sales. 

$500 x 0.10 =$50

That is a $50 monthly commission for you.  But lets say that you refer 3 sub-affiliates per month.  In one year, that is 36 sub-affiliates.  Let's also say that they are as successful as you are.   Then do the math...

$500 x 0.05 = $25 per sub-affiliate    
$25 x 36 = $900/month

At years end, you would make $900/month on top of your $50 commission.  That equals $10,800 extra income in the next year!  

The question boils down to this...
Do you want to ADD or do you want to MULTIPLY?

You can chose affiliate programs that do not pay for you to recruit new affiliates, but why would you want too?  Instead of getting results from sales sent from your site, why not spread it around?   Multiply your efforts.  Make more money.  It will begin to take on a life of its own!  Once you get the sub-affiliates selling then you are on your way. 

There are a lot of 2 tiered affiliate programs on the market, and you can view a lot of them at  Simply look through our directory and choose the program that suits you. Hope you find lots of money making 2 tier affiliate programs and multiply your marketing efforts on your website! 

Chris Chandler, CEO

Why ADD affiliate revenue, when you can MULTIPLY it!  
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