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Christian Singles Network
For every person that you send to our website that joins as a paying member you will receive 45% of the amount of their membership fee PLUS 45% of any subsequent renewal fees! Our memberships range from $12.95 USD - $74.95 USD. Because our rates are affordable to our members, the sign-up ratio is higher. Our affiliate program also offers a second tier. Send us other affiliate members and earn 10% of the sales generated by them plus the 45% you already earn.

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The Affiliate Partnership Program is designed to be THE most profitable affiliate program out there - we figure this is the best way to attract affiliates. 50-60% depending on volume on Tier 1 and 10% on Tier. Long "cookie" life. The tracking cookie is set to expire in 5 years! Minimum payout- Just $20.00. Punctual bi-weekly payment- payments go out twice a month via snail mail, direct deposit,or PayPal


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